Ministry & House of Worship


We know that every ministry and house of worship is completely different from one another. We believe and understand that every ministry and house of worship has a different calling and vision. We also understand that if your message and vision are not displayed and visualized correctly, many people won’t understand.
This is one of the most important things that every congregant, partner, sponsor and team member must know. Saying it is simply not enough, writing some of it down gives it importance but developing creative imagery for it, brings it to life!
We will work closely with your ministry and house of worship team to better understand your vision, mission, people and community. Developing customized and personalized video imagery and digital graphics, will help individuals visualize the agenda, goals and achievements of where your ministry and house of worship currently stand. We can help with the development of any and all projects and promotional events design, to ensure that you are targeting and engaging everyone in your community.


Let us help you get the message across within your ministry and house of worship and out amongst your community. These are some of the ways we can help:


Ministry Development Kit

– Business Cards
– Letterhead
– Envelopes
– Folders


Customized Visual Presentation Design and Development

– Screen graphics to enhance house of  worship experience

– Design elements to enrich musical experience

– Bring sermons to life
– Graphic line for sermon series

Printed Media & literature Needs

– Fliers, posters, mailers
– Banners, Signs, window graphics
– Brochures, pamphlets, catalogs
– Press kits, media kits
– Book cover design
– Magazine design
– Newsletter design


Audio and Video productions

– Voice-overs
– Jingles
– Television & radio program development
– Audio/video editing
– 30 sec audio/video commercials

Digital Media

– CD covers and inserts

– DVD covers and inserts