Is the process of communicating ideas by combining art with all of today’s technological advances. The goal is to produce imagery that allows a spoken or written message to come alive through a visual digital image. The sky is the limit when it comes to graphic design. Every artist is completely different than any other in the world. This is something that we especially focus on when it comes to graphic design. Our designers are innovative and creative assuring the exclusivity and uniqueness of all of your designs and projects.

We use a system that includes the five core graphic design styles. These styles are developed according to each company’s independent target and focused needs.


This style consists of using drawings, paintings, photography and graphically rendered images to portray a message. In this style, for the most part, the image produced will tell the whole story. They use very little, if any, words at all. The beauty of an image is that it has the ability to engage with a persons sentiments or feelings capturing the mind and heart.


This style consists solidly of using words to get a message across. Using an array of different types of fonts, sizes and colors, the message on this design can really be focused on exactly what you are trying to get across verbally. The key in this type of design is to use key words that will attract and engage the audience immediately. Proper grammar is not necessarily the most important element but instead style, layout and trend are huge factors when using typography. Using the right key words while making them attractive, modern and short helps people engage faster.

IMAGE – Type Based Design

This design is the process of incorporating both of the previous design types. When using this design type, the idea is to have a collective balance of imagery and typography that will engage and capture the audience. Messages should be short and images should be descriptive enough to not need words.


This is a style that focuses on an organized arrangement of all of the visual elements inside the design. All images and typography are respected and carefully arranged so that every individual element in design does not overlap and interfere with each other. This style is typically used when several messages are trying to be communicated through one design. Boxes and shapes will be used many times as organizational guidelines.

LOGO – Symbol Type

This is one of the more popular and more modern design types.

This design type consists of using simple shapes and the company logo in a very clean and bright design. These designs usually use vector shapes and images as well as vectored logos. They are usually used as branding designs to help promote the logo and identity of a company.

These are five styles that can better help you understand how to reach your targeted audience. Regardless of what style or preference is, our goal is to create a custom design that best identifies the goals and needs of your company. We are confident that our team will capture and produce designs that will enhance your communications.

We design the following products and many more:

Business Development Kit
-Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Folders

Printed Media & literature Needs

– Fliers, posters, mailers
– Brochures, pamphlets, catalogs
– Press kits, media kits
– Book cover design, magazine design, newsletter design

Signage & promotional Design
– Banners, signs, window graphics
– Awnings, media wraps, car wraps

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