Audio & Video



Our services include video recording and audio recording. We specialize in producing high quality videos, live event videos (conferences, ceremonies, etc.), corporate videos and commercial videos (advertisements for products, programs, and businesses). We also produce presentations and on-screen videos for ongoing events, such as ministries and person-to-person marketing. Video newsletters are a great way to engage, educate and inform your customers while entertaining them. The sky is the limit when it comes to video productions. If you can think of it, we can produce it.

We are familiar and actively using programs such as Final Cut-Pro, Motion (for a more professional look), Avid-Pro and other programs from the Adobe Master Collection featuring Premier, After Effects, and Photoshop.


Producing your video footage is actually just one of the first steps towards a quality production. Our editors have an eye to capture, create and depict images and cuts, which will create an attractive, professional and entertaining production. When we produce videos, everyone gets involved. Our post-production team doesn’t hold anything back. Our entire graphic art and design team also gets involved producing imagery and motion graphics that will give your video production a cutting edge.

 We also work with audio editing programs such as Avid Pro-tools, Logic, Reason, Adobe Audition, Sound Booth and many others. All of these tools, as well as our highly trained and experienced team, will work together to ensure that your production is second to none.


Many business owners have a great vision and concept of what and how they want to accomplish their business, but maybe don’t have the time to put it on paper and turn it into a story. Our creative team will work together with you to create a layout for your production. Mixing and matching ideas to develop the right storyboard and script that will allow you to present your vision in an attractive, entertaining, sleek and professional way. From an infomercial, to a presentation, all the way to a wedding, it doesn’t matter what type of video it is, if you have an idea we can make it come to life!



These are some of the audio/video productions, which we offer:


Audio Productions

  • Music Videos
  • Concert Filming
  • Intro/Outro for TV/ Radio programs
  • Jingles
  • Promotional Audio/Videos

Video Productions

  • Documentaries
  • Training Videos
  • Web Videos
  • TV / RADIO Commercials
  • 3D animation, motion graphics, Visual FX & Chromo key compositing


  • Event Coverage
  • Corporate Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • And wherever your creativity will take you!